Preventing Infection in Care at Home Standard Infection Control Precautions

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Please Note: This guide should be used in conjunction with the National Infection Prevention and Control Manual (NICPM) and Infection Prevention and Control Manual for Older People and Adult Care Homes (CH IPCM). ARHAI Scotland continue to review and update these resources. Always check that you are using the latest version. All documents can be accessed on the NICPM website.

This education resource is one part of a suite of resources to support staff in practice with implementation of Chapter 1 - Standard Infection Control Precautions of the National Infection Prevention and Control Manual and the Care Home Infection Prevention and Control Manual. Standard Infection Control Precautions (SICPs) are evidence based, represent best practice, and are intended for use by staff delivering care in a variety of health and care settings.

This education resource offers practical guidance for the application of SICPs. It lists common infection risks that can occur when providing care and identifies the ‘must do’ SICPs, the ‘consider this’ and ‘other factors’ in relation to specific tasks/procedures/risks. SICPs should be followed to maximise safety and minimise the risk of spreading infection to the people we care for, visitors and staff.


Mandatory” means that you must do this.

Consider this” means to think carefully about possible additional precautions that might need to be applied depending on the situation.

Other factors” means you may need to consider other precautions that may be required to be carried out depending on the situation.



The term “Person/Resident” can be used instead of ‘Patient’ throughout this guide when in non-healthcare settings.


Colour coding

Pages are colour-coded according to the corresponding potential infection risk.