PEG feeding (tube feeding), catheter care, colostomy care, PIC/Hickman lines (medication lines), enteral feeding

Potential infection risk guideline

Some procedures you carry out when caring for others may require you to handle equipment that has crossed the skin barrier. This can be a potential route of infection into the body.

When using this equipment you may need to consider the risk of exposing the person you care for to microorganisms (germs/bugs).

By following these Standard Infection Control Precautions you can minimise infection risks to those receiving care, yourself and others.


Scenario: Mr. Purdey had a PEG tube inserted several months ago. During your routine care of this equipment, you notice that the area around the PEG tube has become red, inflamed, and is leaking fluid.


What Standard Infection Control Precautions should I use?

For detailed instruction on how to apply these Standard Infection Control Precautions, please see the links below.