Sputum (mucous), nasal discharge (runny nose), or coughing

Potential infection risk guideline

During routine care you are in close contact with those that you care for, and coughs and sneezes are common causes of cross infection. Viruses/ bacteria (germs/bugs) can easily spread from care giver to care receiver and vice versa.

By following these Standard Infection Control Precautions you can minimise infection risks to yourself but, in particular, take a look at the guidance on respiratory and cough hygiene.


Scenario: Mr. McDonald has mobility issues and is unable to reach his tissues when he suddenly sneezes. He uses his hands to cover his mouth prior to holding his walking frame to stand up.


What Standard Infection Control Precautions should I use?

For detailed instruction on how to apply these Standard Infection Control Precautions, please see the links below.