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Platform 4: Providing and Evaluating Care

“Registered nurses take the lead in providing evidencebased, compassionate and safe nursing interventions. They ensure that care they provide and delegate is person-centred and of a consistently high standard. They support people of all ages in a range of care settings. They work in partnership with people, families and carers to evaluate whether care is effective and the goals of care have been met in line with their wishes, preferences and desired outcomes.”

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Please remember: Always access the staff intranet from a NHS Tayside computer

Ways to evidence learning

NHS Tayside staff intranet (please log in and navigate to your module of choice)

    1. Learn Blood Transfusion: Safe Transfusion Practice
    2. Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression:  Level 1
    1. Respiratory skills 1&2
    2. Venepuncture,  Cannulation & Blood cultures
    3. Conducting a  12 lead ECG
    4. IV medicine Administration
    5. Vital Signs and NEWS2
    6. Trauma Informed Care
    7. Oral Health for Dependent Adults
    1. Resuscitation Skills Day
    2. Deteriorating Patient Assessment Course
    3. Basic Life Support
    4. Intermediate Life Support
    5. Advanced Life Support
    6. Resuscitation Decisions and Planning

LearnPro and NES (please log in and navigate to your module of choice)

    1. NHST: Braun Infusion pump
    2. NHST: Ambulatory Infusion Pump
    3. NHST: Acute Pain (PCA & Epidural)
    4. Delirium – Prevention, Management and Support
    5. NES: CSMEN Chest Drains Skills Resource
    6. Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression: Level 2
    7. NHST Medicines Administration
    8. NHST IV Therapy
    9. NHST Anaphylaxis
    10. Central Venous Access Devices
    11. NES: Aseptic technique
    12. Learn Blood Transfusion: Role specific modules
  • LearnPro Events

    1. Leg Ulcer Care         
    2. Wound Assessment and Management
    3. Urinary Catheterisation

Other resources