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Platform 3: Assessing needs and planning care

“Registered nurses prioritise the needs of people when assessing and reviewing their mental, physical, cognitive, behavioural, social and spiritual needs. They use information obtained during assessments to identify the priorities and requirements for person-centred and evidence-based nursing interventions and support. They work in partnership with people to develop person-centred care plans that take into account their circumstances, characteristics and preferences.”


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Ways to evidence learning

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    1. Resuscitation Skills Day
    2. Deteriorating Patient Assessment Course
    3. Basic Life Support
    4. Intermediate Life Support
    5. Advanced Life Support
    6. Resuscitation Decisions and Planning


    1. Respiratory skills 1&2
    2. Venepuncture,  Cannulation & Blood cultures
    3. Recording  a  12 lead ECG
    4. IV medicine Administration
    5. Vital Signs and NEWS2
    6. Trauma Informed Care
    7. Oral Health for Dependent Adults



Turas and LearnPro (please log in and navigate to your module you choice)

  • Turas
    1. News2
    2. Trauma Informed Care
    3. Informed about palliative and end of life care
    4. Turas Stress and Distress in Dementia (Acute Care) 
    5. Turas Once for Scotland: Adults with Incapacity 



  • MUST Screening and Nutritional Care Planning

Scottish Government

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Palliative and end of life care

Organ and tissue donation


Related Policy/Frameworks

NHS Tayside staff intranet (please log in and navigate to your module of choice)

Scottish Government

Online reference