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Platform 2: Promoting Health and Preventing Ill Health

“Registered nurses play a key role in improving and maintaining the mental, physical and behavioural health and well-being of people, families, communities and populations. They support and enable people at all stages of life and in all care settings to make informed choices about how to manage health challenges in order to maximise their quality of life and improve health outcomes. They are actively involved in the prevention of and protection against disease and ill health and engage in public health, community development and global health agendas, and in the reduction of health inequalities.”


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Ways to evidence learning

NHS Tayside staff intranet or webpages (please log in and navigate to your module of choice)

    1. Adult Support and Protection
    2. Child Protection
    3. Violence and Aggression 2020

LearnPro, Turas or NES (please log in and navigate to your module of choice)

LearnPro Modules

  1. Mental Wellbeing and Resilience
  2. NES Mental Health Improvement and Suicide Prevention

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  1. Suicide Intervention and Prevention Programme (SIPP)
  2. Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)
  3. Suicide Safety Plan



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