This part of the app provides:

  • Questions you can ask your healthcare professional. This will help to get your needs and views heard. It will also help you to ensure you understand the different options available to you.

Asking questions is a key part of shared decision-making

Shared decision-making means that you will work with a healthcare professional to:

  • Discuss and share information to help reach a decision about your care.
  • Ensure that you understand the benefits and possible risks of different options for your care. This includes looking at the option of no treatment at all.
  • Choose tests and treatments based on scientific evidence and on what matters to you.

You choose how much you want to engage in decision-making. Some people prefer not to take an active role in making decisions with their healthcare professionals.

This video explains more about shared decision-making

You can use the library of shared decision aids to help you to discuss with your healthcare professional the benefits and risks of different options for your care.