Criteria for urgent suspected cancer (USC) referral
  • Frank haematuria after ultrasound scan except with confirmed urinary tract infection (UTI)
  • Renal mass
  • Testicular mass confirmed on ultrasound
  • Suspicion of penile cancer
  • Symptoms of metastatic urological disease
  • Hard, irregular or nodular prostate on examination
  • High repeated prostate-specific antigen (PSA) in absence of UTI
    • 40-49yrs greater than 2
    • 50-59 greater than 3
    • 60-69 greater than 4
    • 70-80 greater than 5
    • 81 and above greater than 20

If PSA less than 20 repeat it in 4 weeks in the absence of a clinically suspicious gland.

Last reviewed: 30/04/2020

Next review date: 30/04/2023

Author(s): Urology Guidelines Working Group.

Approved By: TAM Subgroup of ADTC

Reviewer name(s): Consultant Urologist.

Document Id: TAM420