Incorrect use of combined hormonal contraception (CHC) (Guidelines)


Missing combined hormonal contraception (CHC)

Missing combined hormonal contraception (CHC) removes the suppressive effects of contraceptive steroids on ovarian follicle growth, thereby risking ovulation and conception. Women using CHC who miss combined oral contraceptive pills (COC) or make mistakes with their combined vaginal ring (CVR) or combined transdermal patch (CTP) are at increased risk of pregnancy compared with women who use CHC perfectly.

The following document from the FSRH CEU guides management when a woman has made a mistake using:

  • combined oral contraceptive pills
  • combined vaginal ring
  • combined contraceptive patch

FSRH CEU Guidance: Recommended Actions after incorrect Use of Combined Hormonal Contraception (e.g. late or missed pills, ring and patch) (March 2020, amended July 2021) - Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare

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Last reviewed: 02/08/2023

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