Interpretation guidance for NHS Highland including Argyll and Bute is available on the NHS Highland webpages under 'Resources for Staff' 

And on the NHS Highland intranet

Current providers are:

  • Global Languages - face-to-face provision of foreign language interpretation
  • Language Line – provides telephone foreign language interpretation
  • The Highland Council – British Sign Language interpretation and other communication support for D/deaf and hard of hearing
How to use Language Line
  1. Phone 0800 028 0073
  2. An operator will ask you:
    • Your unique 6 DIGIT CLIENT ID CODE
      This code is confidential to your organisation or dept.
      Codes can be found on the NHS Highland intranet.
    • Your initials and surname (and the correct spelling of this)
    • The language you require (if you are not sure, explain what you do know)
  3. You will then be passed onto a trained interpreter. Stay on hold.
    You will be provided an INTERPRETER ID - WRITE this down.
    You can be re-connected to the same interpreter if you disconnect provided you have this number.
    Document this number in the patient’s notes.
  4. You will then be asked whether your client is with you.
    • If they are with you – start the call on speaker.
    • If they are not with you – provide the patient’s name and telephone number.

Prior to the interpreter making the call you will be asked whether you would like to leave a message if it goes to voicemail. Make sure to have a contact number for the patient to phone back on.

  • Remember to introduce yourself.
  • Give the interpreter time to interpret between you and the patient.
  • Keep questions short. Don’t forget to check understanding throughout.
  • Allow time for the patient to ask questions.
  • Let your patient and the interpreter know when you have finished the call.

For full guidance please refer to the NHS Highland intranet

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