Community Optometrist

Optometric Examination to include:

  • History & symptoms
  • Visual Acuity
  • Refraction
  • Pupilliary reactions
  • Anterior segment examination (Slit lamp)
  • Fundus examination & detailed disc assessment (Slit lamp & condensing lens and digital image if available)
  • Visual Field (Full threshold)
  • Intra-ocular Pressure (applanation tonometry)

Always repeat applanation tonometry, visual field assessment to ensure findings are consistent before referral.

Refer to HES

All patients with a possible diagnosis of glaucoma will be seen first by an accredited glaucoma practitioner. Patients will undergo an ocular examination, including visual acuity testing, slit-lamp examination, applanation tonometry, pachymetry, gonioscopy, optic disc assessment and visual field assessment.

Last reviewed: 08/02/2023

Next review date: 28/02/2026

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