Current approaches to managing any Resuscitation within NHS Highland is based on whether the casualty is on a respiratory pathway or a non-respiratory pathway.
The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that you are required to wear during a Resuscitation has been updated and relates to the specific pathway the casualty is on.
On the 11th July 2022 COVID-19 guidance on these pathways returned to the National Infection Prevention and Control Manual (NIPCM).

  • NIPCM (National Infection Prevention and Control Manual) can be accessed here.
  • NHS Highland Resuscitation Department contacts and video resources are also available on the intranet here (NHS Highland intranet access required)
  • Resuscitation Council UK algorithms and Quality Standards are available here
    Reproduced with kind permission of Resuscitation Council UK. 

Last reviewed: 13/07/2022

Next review date: 31/07/2025

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Reviewer name(s): Graham Geddes, Resuscitation Training Officer .

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