• Prompt treatment with appropriate antibiotics significantly reduces the risk of complications.  Observe immunocompromised individuals (diabetes, women in puerperal period, chickenpox) as they are at increased risk of developing invasive infection.
  • See Specialist Pharmacy Service for advice on using solid oral dosage form antibiotics in children.

For glossary of terms see Glossary.

Drug details

First line (mild)


Second line

Phenoxymethylpenicillin 500mg 4 times a day

10 days

In penicillin allergy

Clarithromycin 250mg to 500mg twice daily

5 days

Last reviewed: 14/11/2017

Next review date: 14/11/2019

Author(s): Antimicrobial Management Team.

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Reviewer name(s): Alison Macdonald, Area Antimicrobial Pharmacist.

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