Hospital acquired pneumonia (Antimicrobial)


For pneumonia presenting more than 3 days into hospital admission, it is important to give broad-spectrum antibiotics which are active against Gram-negative organisms in the first instance. In more severe infection, consider cover for Legionella, Staph aureus, both MSSA and MRSA. Use SIRS criteria for severity assessment.

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Drug details

Non severe

Co-trimoxazole (oral) 960mg twice daily (reduce dose to 480mg twice daily in renal impairment CrCl 30ml/min or less)
OR Doxycycline (oral) 100mg twice daily

Total IV/oral up to 8 days for clinical responders


Severe - infection with an atypical pathogen is uncommon. If suspected, discuss with Microbiology.

IV aztreonam 1 gram every 8 hours in level 1 and 2 care, 2 gram every 8 hours in level 3 care (ICU) PLUS IV vancomycin refer to NHS Highland vancomycin dosing guidelines

Total IV/oral up to 8 days for clinical responders

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