Treat all household contacts at the same time PLUS advise hygiene measures for 2 weeks (hand hygiene, pants at night, morning shower (include perianal area) PLUS wash sleepwear, bed linen, and dust, vacuum on day one. Child ​<6 months add perianal wet wiping or washes 3 hourly during day.

Note: mebendazole is unlicensed in children under 2 years of age and is contra-indicated in the first trimester of pregnancy.  Manufacturer recommends avoiding throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Drug details

All patients over 6 months (NB off-label if under 2yrs)

Mebendazole 100mg

Single dose, but repeat in 2 weeks if infestation persists

Child under ​6 months, in pregnancy or whilst breast-feeding

Mebendazole is unlicensed, use hygiene measures alone for 6 weeks

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Last reviewed: 28/03/2024

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