For information on managing medicine shortages see the NHS Highland intranet webpage:
Medicines Shortages (NHS Highland intranet access required). 

Contents include:

Other information on shortages is available from:

  • SSPs (Serious Shortage Protocols). 
  • Medicines Shortages Guidance from Community Pharmacy Services Scotland.
  • MSN (National Medicine Supply Notification) are available from:  
    • Medicines Supply Tool from SPS (Specialist Pharmacy Service) (log in details required). Suitable for Secondary Care.
    • MSN (Medicine Supply Notification) from PSNC. Suitable for Primary Care. 
    • MSAN (Medicines Supply Alert Notice) from the SHOW website (Scotland's Health on the Web). Where there is a specific Scottish context for an MSN.

Remember, if the medication is not available, alternative medications to consider are listed in the Highland Formulary.

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