Otitis Externa:

  • There is a lack of evidence to prove the efficacy of one product over another in this section.
  • The choice of preparation should be governed by patient acceptability, tolerance to ingredients, and cost. 
  • Both Sofradex® ear drops and flumetasone with clioquinol ear drops contain antibacterials that are not used systemically.
  • Gentamicin with hydrocortisone ear drops are recommended for resistant infections.
  • Otomize® spray is recommended for use in older patients or those with dexterity problems.
  • Acetic acid 2% spray may be useful in recurrent and recalcitrant cases of otitis externa; a proprietary preparation EarCalm® spray is on sale to the public.
  • These preparations should be used for up to a maximum of 7 days to prevent fungal overgrowth and the potential for ototoxicity.
  • The appropriateness of administering drops should be carefully considered beforehand because the skin of the ear canal is very sensitive.