If you are referred for rehabilitation, you will be assessed by one or more people from the rehabilitation team who will work out what help you need from different services. This could include physical and mental aspects of rehabilitation.

The team will make sure that all your symptoms have been investigated and it is safe for you to start rehabilitation.

QuotationWhat would be most helpful is... a COVID clinic that had experts from respiratory, cardiology, rheumatology, neurology, physiotherapy etc, so you could go along for half a day and see people from these different departments, they can refer you for tests and you can get a plan in place...

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The team will work with you to develop and agree a personalised rehabilitation and management plan. This discussion will include:

• areas of rehabilitation and interventions based on the assessment

• deciding and setting goals and how to work towards them

• how to manage all your symptoms and what to do if they return or change

• advice on managing your return to work or education.

To make sure you know what’s happening, you will be given a copy of your care plans or records to keep.
Your healthcare professional will be able to support you when you talk to your employer about returning to work, or to your school or college about continuing your education. An example of this would be to suggest a phased return