When planning your care, it is important that you are involved in discussions and decisions.

Two people talking      Single person in middle communicating with four others

After an assessment, your healthcare professional will discuss and agree with you what further assessment, support and rehabilitation you need and how to provide it. This will include:

• advice on self-help, and

• depending on your need and services available in your area:

− support from integrated primary care, community and mental health services

− referral to an integrated multidisciplinary assessment service (involving various professionals from health and social care)

− referral to specialist care if you have complications. Specialist care is given by healthcare professionals who have been trained in treating specific health problems. For example, if your kidneys were affected by your COVID infection, you may need to see a specialist kidney doctor (nephrologist).

To work out what support you need, your healthcare professional will talk to you about:

• the overall impact of your symptoms on your life, even if each individual symptom by itself may not feel that bad

• how your symptoms may change or come and go, and how you might need different levels of support at different times.