What is deep brain stimulation?

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) can be used as a treatment for some people with movement disorders such as  Parkinson’s Disease or Tremor and Dystonia whose condition is inadequately controlled with medications.

This involves very fine wires with electrodes at their tips being implanted into the brain. The electrodes send continuous electrical pulse through them to change some of the electrical signals in the brain and reduce the symptoms of these movement disorders.

These wires are connected to extensions that are tunnelled under the skin behind the ear and down the neck. They are connected to pulse generator (a device like a pacemaker) that is placed under the skin in the chest area or stomach area.

We also have Patient information leaflets for those considering deep brain stimulation.

 Parkinson's Disease

Tremor and Dystonia

These provide detailed information about deep brain stimulation.

Please also see the Patient Information video below (for patients who have been referred to the DBS service), and the patient experience video below where 3 patients talk about their experiences with DBS surgery.

YouTube patient information video Patient information video

YouTube patient experience video Patient experience video


Many thanks to the patients of the NHS Scotland DBS service for their permission to use these videos. 

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Author(s): Dr Vicky Marshall.

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