General rules

  • All content specific to individual toolkits built within the Right Decisions Home Node should be listed under the Right Decisions media folder. They should not be given their own top-level folders.


  • Where content can be shared across toolkits – e.g. accessibility icons, RDS icons– these should be listed in the Shared media folder.


Right Decisions folder – media files specific to individual toolkits

Naming convention for folders and sub-folders:  Right Decisions > Organisation name > toolkit name >section name

  • Within the Right Decisions folder, media for all toolkits belonging to a specific organisation should be stored under a top level folder named by organisation. Organisations should be named consistently, aligning with the conventions used in the Shared content – Organisations controlled list.


  • In addition to individual organisational folders, there is a National folder for toolkits intended for general use – e.g. the calculator suite, RDS learning resources. There may also be other instances of toolkits that don’t fit into a defined organisation or category. Names for any new top level folders should be reported to the RDS team at decisionsupport@nhs.scot


  • Within the top level (organisation) folder, media files should be organised into folders with names that exactly match the name of the toolkit to which they relate.


  • If subfolders are required, they should also match the section of a toolkit they apply to e.g. they should match the name of a listing page within a toolkit.


  • ALL folders/subfolders should be named in this way so that administrators can easily recognise which Right Decisions toolkit a media file belongs to, and to what part of that toolkit.


  • Files should never be randomly dropped into Right Decisions media, every single file should be stored in an appropriately named folder to match its location of use within a toolkit.


Shared media folder

  • Folders should be created within the Shared media folder to group collections of icons in a logical way – e.g. accessibility, organisational logos, potentially specialities/collections.


  • It may also be useful going forward to create folders of icons that may be appropriate to different specialities/ collections e.g. endocrinology, cardiology or things like skin and wound care. It would make sense to have shared folders matching content collections if possible.



Copyright permissions MUST be confirmed before media files are published to live toolkits.


NHS logos

NHS logos should be obtained from the NHS Scotland corporate identity site - https://www.nhsscotlandci.scot.nhs.uk/ - not from Google images or other Internet sources.


Last reviewed: 22/08/2023

Next review date: 30/04/2024

Author(s): Ann Wales, Pauline Neison.

Version: 1.0

Approved By: RDS Content and information architecture group

Reviewer name(s): Ann Wales.