What matters to you?

Your personal goals and the things that are important to you are discussed and form the basis of your care or treatment.

Who matters to you?

You are asked about the people that matter most in your life and have opportunity to involve them in the way that you choose.

What information do you need?

You get understandable full information and are supported to make decisions that take account of your personal goals and the things that are important to you.

Nothing about me without me

You are always given the opportunity to be involved in discussions. All information exchanges and communication between professionals or between different services are transparent and always provide you with the opportunity either to be present or to contribute to the process.

Personalised contact

As much as possible, the timing and methods by which you contact and use services or supports are flexible and can be adapted to your personal needs.

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Source: Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS).

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This is linked to the pillar for build personalised care.

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