Anticipatory Care Planning (ACP) is about thinking ahead and understanding your health. It’s about knowing how to use services better and it helps you make choices about your future care.

This is a process and should involve ongoing conversations between you, the people that matter to you and the health care professionals involved in your care.

We will discuss what is important to you and what living well means to you. We will discuss what treatments you would like and which treatments you would not like. We will also discuss where you would prefer to have this treatment. We might discuss end of life care with you. By talking about all of these things we can all work together to make individual treatment plans that respect your wishes.

We can record the decisions made during these conversations in an Anticipatory Care Plan.

Take a look at the NHS Inform anticipatory care planning resources to support patients in planning their care.

Source: NHS Inform

Access: free online resource

This is linked to the pillars for shared decision making and build personalised care.

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