Content management and governance


The content in this toolkit has been developed by NHSGGC Maternity & Gynaecology clinical staff, with reference to relevant National and International guidance as appropriate.

Review and approval

The content of this toolkit follows the NHSGGC guidance for review and approval of clinical guidelines.

All guidance has been reviewed and approved by the NHSGGC Maternity Clinical Guidelines Group or the NHSGGC Gynaecology Clinical Guidelines Group as appropriate.

Guidance is considered for regular update on a schedule set by the NHSGGC Maternity or Gynaecology Clinical Guidelines Groups and all such updates will then go through the appropriate review and approval process.

Any minor updates brought to the attention of the editorial team will be dealt with on an "as needed basis".

Content updates on the Right Decision Platform will be carried out by the Knowledge Manager.

RDS automated alerts when review is due will be sent to the guideline author.

Any updates to guidelines will be based on a review of the literature published since the last update, including relevant National and International guidance.