This privacy statement informs you about:

  • How NHS Healthcare Improvement Scotland processes any information you provide through this app. Process means to collect, store, transfer or otherwise act on the data.
  • How you control any information you provide using the Manage Meds app.

There are two parts of the app where you can enter personal data:

1) My medicines

This feature is only available on the mobile app version of Manage Meds. It is not available on the website version.

In this part of the app, you can save information about your medicines. The information is stored on the app on your mobile device and is entirely under your control. No external party, including Healthcare Improvement Scotland, has access to this information.

To keep the data on your mobile device secure, we recommend that you apply security – e.g. a password, facial recognition – to your device so that no-one else can unlock it.

2) Questions to prepare for my medicines review

In this part of the app, you identify areas that you would like to improve around taking your medicines.  This can include:

  • Improving your understanding of your medicines
  • Reducing side-effects and impact of medicines on your daily life.
  • Taking your medicines as prescribed.

You can provide this information before and after your medicines review.

Data you submit through this questionnaire is stored in a secure database managed by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. Healthcare Improvement Scotland is a partner of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde for the purpose of using this database.

The database security measures meet the technical, physical, and organisational security requirements of the Data Protection Regulations. These measures ensure security of your personal data and to protect against accidental loss. The security measures applied meet the requirements of the Data Protection Regulation.

This data is stored so that we can analyse information about the impact of medicines review in improving people’s experience of taking their medicines.

The data is only accessible to authorised administrators in NHS Healthcare Improvement Scotland and to the overarching database administrator in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

Access to your personal data

You can save a copy of your data as a PDF document before you press the “Submit” button on the questionnaire.  You can also request a copy of your data at any time by contacting

More information about Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s privacy policy is available.