About this App and Feedback


This app and the accompanying website provides Glasgow City HSCP Health Improvement Team an opportunity to streamline communication, share quality assured materials and create a consistent health and wellbeing offer across the City. It also provides Education staff with an enhanced experience when delivering various aspects of the Curriculum.

Organisations involved in this app/website

Glasgow City HSCP (Health & Social Care Partnership) Health Improvement Team: In Glasgow City there are three locality Health Improvement Teams - North East, North West and South. Within each locality team are staff who are involved in early years, children and young people work. Some of these staff have been involved in the development of this app/website.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Library Network : The NHSGGC Library Network provides library and information services to all staff working within NHSGGC and its partner organisations.

As part of the National Decision Support Programme, NHS GGC Knowledge Services provide knowledge management expertise to support use of Right Decision Service tools.

Tactuum Ltd– Tactuum is a software company based in Glasgow, with an office in the US. Tactuum’s mission is to improve healthcare services through the delivery of digital services supporting healthcare providers and patients. Tactuum provides the technology and digital expertise to deliver Right Decision Service tools for the National Decision Support Programme.


The content within this app/ website is based on current evidence and best practice, however it is intended to be applied alongside sound practitioner judgement. As such, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde is not responsible or liable for management decision made on the basis of the information provided via this app/website.

Use of this app within education settings should always be in accordance with local policies and guidance with regard to practice and mobile device usage.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde is not responsible for the content of any external websites listed, nor do they endorse any commercial product or service mentioned or advised on in any of these websites.

All use of this resource is subject to Scots law and the jurisdiction of the Scottish courts and is subject to this disclaimer. Any views given on the app/website are not necessarily those of Healthcare Improvement Scotland or anyone connected with us.


Unless otherwise indicated, copyright in this app/website is retained by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.  Users may download or print copies for their own use.


Technical maintenance and updating of the app is carried out by Tactuum Ltd and funded through the national decision support programme led by the Digital Health and Care Institute.


The app is compliant with:

  • Android and Apple accessibility standards for native mobile apps
  • The website is compliant with WC3A 2.0 Standards

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  • The app is supported by Android 4.4 or later and iOS 8.0 or later devices.
  • The website is optimised for use on both desktop and mobile devices in the following browsers - IE9+, Chrome, Edge, and Safari


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Last reviewed: 31/03/2023