Key contacts

Lornie Mcpheat - App enquiries, South Lanarkshire Child Protection Committee (SLCPC).

General enquiries -

Senior responsible owner 

South Lanarkshire Child Protection Committee (SLCPC).

Accessibility checks

Content has been checked for accessibility in line with the relevant RDS standard operating procedure.

Content management and governance

Content has been reviewed and approved in line with the South Lanarkshire Child Protection Committee (SLCPC) governance process in October 2023.

The content will be reviewed annually or sooner if it is required. 


Content review

The content has been reviewed by senior social care managers and social care leads. 


Copyright compliance for content has been checked and confirmed.

All icons are from, accessed through the licence held Tactuum Ltd for the resources supported by the software platform it provides.

Governance sign-off and ongoing development

The South Lanarkshire Child Protection Committee (SLCPC) app is a live document based on National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland (2021) - Updated 2023. It will be updated when national updates become available. 

South Lanarkshire Child Protection Committee (SLCPC) will oversee the the ongoing development and sign off of the app.

Monitoring and acting on feedback and complaints

The email for any app enquiries or feedback is available in the "Key contacts" section above and can be used to highlight any feedback or complaints.

Any messages received through the RDS Feedback form will also be forwarded to the Public Protection Office email address. The Public Protection Office of South Lanarkshire Child Protection Committee (SLCPC) will address the feedback.

If the app requires significant amendments, it will be referred to South Lanarkshire Child Protection Committee (SLCPC) for consideration.

Risk assessment

The app has been risk assessed, and mitigations put in place where required.


User testing

The toolkit was initially tested in October 2023 together with a demo being presented to the South Lanarkshire Child Protection Committee.

The South Lanarkshire Child Protection Committee Development Officer will carry out further testing by providing the child protection workforce with a follow up questionnaire. The testing is expected to be completed by March 2024.


ADP - Alcohol and Drug Partnerships
BTP - British Transport Police
CICA - Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority
CME- Children Missing from Education
CPC - Child Protection Coordinator
CPO - Child Protection Order
COPFS - Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service
CPPM - Child Protection Planning Meetings
CSA - Child Sexual abuse
CSE - Child sexual exploitation
EYMAS - Early Years Multi-Agency Support
FGM - Female genital mutilation
FMS - Forensic Medical Service
GIRFEC - Getting it right for every child
HBA - Honour-based abuse
HSCP - Health and Social Care Partnership
ICO - Information Commissioner's Office
iVPD - interim Vulnerable Persons Database
IRD - Inter-agency Referral Discussion
JII - Joint Investigative Interview
JPFE - Joint Paediatric Forensic Examination
MAPPA - Multi Agency Public Protection Agency
NES - NHS Education for Scotland
NHS - National Health Service
NoC - Making a Notification of concern
PF - Procurator fiscal
PPU - Public Protection unit
UNCRC - United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
SCIM - Scottish Child Interview Model
SCRA - Scottish Children's Reporter Administration
SFRS - Scottish Fire and Rescue Service
SMART - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timebound
SPS - Scottish Prison Service (SPS)
VAW Partnerships - Violence Against Women Partnerships