Bowel Surgery (colorectal) is the removal of the diseased section of bowel.

This can be done either:

  1. Laparoscopic Surgery (keyhole)
    Minimally Invasive Colon Resection
    3-4 small incisions will be made into your abdomen and another small incision to remove the diseased section of bowel.
  2. Open Surgery
    Open Colon Reconstruction
    The surgeon works through a 10 -20 cm cut in your tummy. Please note 10 -20 cm translates to 4-8 inches.

Laproscopic and open bowel surgey comparison

Some patients may require a stoma to be formed during their surgery. A stoma is an opening in your tummy that is made by your surgeon during your operation. Stool and waste will pass through the opening, out of your body and into the attached stoma bag. This may be permanent or temporary. If you need a stoma, your surgeon will discuss this with you and arrange for you to meet a member of the Stoma team who specialises in stoma care. They will give you specific information that is relevant to you.