Pre-operative assessment visit

In the weeks prior to surgery you will undergo a Pre-operative Assessment.

During your pre-operative visit, you will:

  • have some blood tests.
  • have an ECG (electrocardiogram) which is a tracing of your heart, if required.
  • meet a member of the pre-operative team who will ask you questions about your health, medical history, discuss your medications and give you advice on medications prior to your surgery.
  • be advised if you need to take any other drinks or medication to clean your bowel out the day before surgery (Movi-Prep), and we will provide instructions for you on how to take these prior to your operation.
  • possibly be referred by your surgeon to a specialist anaesthetic doctor to review you in the clinic before your operation. This may be because you have several underlying health conditions to assess and the anaesthetist will assess your fitness for a major operation.
  • be given carbohydrate energy (preload) drinks to be taken the day before, and on the morning of surgery. Please see preload image on [*].

Some medication or herbal products need to be stopped before surgery. Have your lists of medicines with you for us to check at your pre-operative assessment and we can advise which ones you should continue or stop.


Woman having a pre-operative assessment