Management of person(s) with confirmed CDI

Care Home Staff

  • Continue to apply infection control precautions
  • Continue to encourage person to drink
  • Review person daily and contact GP or out of hours service if symptoms get worse
  • If there is no improvement after 3 days contact the GP or out of hours service for further advice


Care Home Manager/Deputy:

  • Review infection prevention and control measures.
  • Log case(s) as part of local surveillance
  • Contact HPT/ IPCT for advce on management
  • Contact HPT/IPCT if a known CDI resident(s) dies or CDI is recorded on a death certificate
  • Contact HPT if more than one case of diarrhoea


Health Protection Team (HPT)/Infection Prevention Control Team (IPCT)

  • Advice on management and infection prevention and control including:
  • Set triggers and investigate cases when triggers breached/ exceeded
  • Check for other cases of CDI Review all severe cases and deaths due to CDI
  • Report to relevant people/ organisations and share any lessons learned