Taking a stool sample

Samples should be sent in a faeces specimen container. Refer to Health Protection Scotland guidance

Do not take a repeat faecal sample unless advised by the GP/IPCT/HPT

Resident placement

If safety is not compromised, ask the person to remain in their room (with the door closed) and not to visit communal areas. Explain to person why they need to remain in the room. Make sure the person can access help easily and are not ignored or suffer as a consequence of having the door closed.

People should have use of their own toilet or be allocated a commode for their own personal use.

Isolation precautions may be discontinued when the person has been symptom free for 48 hours and bowel movements have returned to normal.

Hand hygiene

Use liquid soap and warm running water for routine hand hygiene. On removal of personal protective equipment (PPE) hands must be washed. N.B. Alcohol-based hand gel is NOT effective against CDI so should not be used alone.

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Use PPE; disposable gloves and disposable plastic aprons. Aprons and gloves must be changed and disposed of, then hands washed between contacts with different residents and different care procedures e.g. dealing with used linen.

Shared care equipment

Always follow local cleaning and decontamination guidelines and specific equipment manufacturers instructions.

Avoid the use of fans as these re-circulate the air and can spread infection.

Safe management of linen/laundry

The person’s laundry should be safely put inside a washing machine without staff becoming contaminated e.g. place linen in machine in water soluble (alginate) bag.

Environmental cleaning

Rooms of people with symptoms should be prioritised for frequent cleaning (at least daily) with emphasis on toilets and frequently touched surfaces e.g. tables, door knobs. These surfaces must be cleaned immediately if visibly soiled.

Keep the residents room clean and as clutter free as possible.

Use a single use disposable cloths for cleaning each person’s room.

Once a resident no longer has symptoms terminal cleaning of their room should be carried out and any sundries within the room should be discarded to reduce risk of re-infection.