The collation of relevant information on a referral is crucial for the application of professional judgement. Wherever possible, information should be sought and recorded at the point of referral. If it is practical, describe the concerns as detailed by the adult.

While phone call referrals will be accepted from any agency, a written referral form should be completed within one working day and passed to Social Work Services. Agencies, should use the AP1 to make a referral to Social Work Services. However, some public bodies have their own nationally agreed ASP referral forms such as Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and some NHS Health boards.

If you do not have all the information asked for in the form do not delay sending the referral to Social Work Services who will gather any further information as part of the ASP Inquiry process. 

Referrers should follow their own agency procedures for case recording.

Once you have completed the AP1 form, email it to the relevant social work contact. A PDF of the form is available here, Word doc versions can be obtained from the South Lanarkshire Intranet.