For adults who meet the ASP three point criteria and who are subject to three repeat referrals in a six month period, the expectation is that council procedures will have robust systems in place to mitigate any identified risk to the adult.

If the local authority receives a referral for an adult concern but believes it to meet the three point criteria under the Act, each area should have clearly defined processes in place to trigger the consideration of escalation from a Concern to an ASP Referral.

For high risk, complex cases (e.g. extreme self-neglect) where it has not been possible to effectively address risks (i.e. the service user will not engage and has refused offers of support) each area should consider the need to have an escalation process to ensure senior managers within the Health and Social Care Partnership and other appropriate partners, are aware of the level of risk, and have the opportunity to discuss cases and potentially suggest alternative/additional approaches and /or release resources.