Following the investigation the Council Officer and second person will discuss with the agreed manager the further action to be taken. There are a range of possible outcomes and one or more of the following may be initiated. Please note that each adult’s circumstance is different and may require an alternative measure not listed here.

 Investigation decision:

  1. Where the adult does not meet criteria as an adult at risk of harm - possible decisions are:
    • no further action under adult protection procedures
    • signpost to another appropriate service
    • concerns dealt with through care management
    • use of other relevant legislation 
  1. Where the adult at risk of harm criteria is met and harm is established or suspected then the possible decisions are:
    • agree an interim protection plan 
    • proceed to case conference
    • consider intervention under Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000 or the Mental Health Care and Treatment (Scotland) Act 2003
    • use of other relevant legislation