The Council Officer in conjunction with others will decide when to undertake an ASP Risk Assessment. It is anticipated that this will be completed before a case conference in order to inform the meeting in advance.

The adult being assessed should always remain at the centre of the assessment and subsequent decision making.

The Risk Assessment (AP2) requires assessors to determine whether the adult assessed has specific communication needs or requires support from an advocacy service. The tool is designed to ensure that individual rights are recognised at the beginning of a risk assessment and that capacity is considered at this stage. The question of information sharing is included both at the beginning and end of the risk assessment, to ensure that the adult's views are sought. Where it is agreed that information sharing is required against the person’s wishes the reasons for this should be clearly recorded.

The Risk Assessment provides a format for bringing together comprehensive, relevant information, the tool reflects an expectation that professional opinion/judgement is required about the risk and any protective action which might be needed.

AP2 forms can be obtained from the South Lanarkshire Intranet.