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The aim of the Right Decisions web and mobile app is to drive decisions that deliver value-based health and care across Scotland, by embedding validated evidence in day to day technology used by professionals and citizens.  It provides a ‘Once for Scotland’ source of digital tools that empower professionals and citizens to make the best possible decisions about health and care.

The Right Decisions web and mobile app are part of the Right Decision Service (RDS.) The RDS is endorsed and funded by Scottish Government Digital Health and Care as Scotland’s national decision support service. It is a key deliverable from Scotland’s Digital Health and Care Strategy and Delivery Plan. It is also endorsed by  Scotland's Vision for delivering Value-Based Health and Care, which notes that "We can improve the use of health and care resources by supporting all health and care colleagues to deliver VBH&C through the use of approaches such as: …..the Right Decision Service and knowledge services. These are essential to making sure people are accessing the right care at the right time and help ensure only people who will benefit are waiting for a procedure, which will also improve equity of access.”

The Right Decisions web and mobile app is designed to deliver value-based care in  the following ways:

  • Save the time of health and care professionals by making it quicker and easier to use validated evidence in day to day patient care.
  • Make it easier and quicker to implement evidence-based guidance.
  • Improve patient safety.
  • Reduce unwarranted variation, waste and harm.
  • Empower patients and citizens with information and tools to self-manage and live independently on their own terms with any conditions they may have.

The Right Decisions web and mobile app are in a state of transition while we migrate all content from 27 original apps into the new Once for Scotland platform. This will make finding tools much quicker and more consistent. Please bear with us during this transition phase.

A 6-minute video walk-through of the main features of the RDS mobile app is available below. Click play to view or post the following link into your browser https://vimeo.com/795575038. Some of the features demonstrated in this video will change as we make amendments in response to user feedback.

The Right Decisions web and mobile app is part of the overarching Right Decision Service, which comprises:

  • A national platform (the Right Decisions Platform) which delivers web and mobile decision support tools via the Once for Scotland RDS app and website and decision support integrated with electronic care record systems.
  • A ‘no-code’ decision support builder toolset, accessed through the Right Decisions Platform. This toolset enables trained editors in local and national teams to translate guidelines, research evidence and best practice and large datasets into computerised knowledge which is then delivered through web and mobile apps and electronic care systems.
  • Governance, implementation support and training to facilitate embedding of decision support in day to day activities across health and social care.

The National Decision Support Programme

Embedding decision support across Scotland’s health and social care

The national decision support programme is a key deliverable for Scotland’s Digital Health and Care Strategy.

The programme mission is to provide a ‘Once for Scotland’ source of digital tools that empower professionals and citizens to make the best decisions possible about their health and care. 

These tools enable easy access to evidence and the practical use of that evidence tailored to people’s individual needs.


National roll-out

From 2022-2025, the Scottish Government is funding a national roll-out of the decision support programme, to embed decision support as the norm in the day to day decisions that practitioners and citizens make about health and care. The key enabler of this scale up and spread is the Right Decision Service – the Once for Scotland decision support platform which delivers decision support tools for health and social care.

The opportunity for NHS Boards, Health and Social Care Partnerships and social care organisations across Scotland to:

  • Adopt and spread existing decision support tools created by the Right Decision Service.
  • Work with the national team to use the Right Decision Service to build decision support tools for local priorities – e.g. around remobilisation and recovery, service transformation, strengthening community and self-management support.


5 key target areas:


1. Supporting social care in the community

Examples of decision support tools include:


2. Supporting urgent and unscheduled care

Examples include:

  • Paediatric unscheduled care app for NHS Grampian, supporting sepsis screening, the PEWS early warning score and condition-specific pathways.
  • Patient Flow Navigation Pathway Tool for call handlers taking emergency department referrals in NHS Forth Valley.
  • Mobile app to support implementation of the Acute Coronary Syndrome pathway in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde emergency care.


3. Reducing waiting times

Developments include:

Working with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde to explore use of machine learning and of structured algorithms to identify highest risk patients received as urgent cancer referrals.


4. Improving routine care

Examples include:

  • Eight NHS Boards are using the Right Decision Service to deliver local guidelines and pathways as web and mobile apps.
  • High risk prescribing decision support alerts integrated with primary care electronic health record systems.


5. Self-management and shared decision-making

There is a growing range of decision support apps for patients and citizens, including:

  • Long COVID symptom diary – enables people to record their symptoms and share with their healthcare professional.
  • Dementia wellbeing app, including an interactive wellbeing diary and Getting to Know Me form to share with health and care professionals.
  • Managing medicines, for people taking multiple medicines. Includes an interactive form for patients to record personal outcomes and impact of their medicines, to share with healthcare professionals for their medicines review.


Right Decision Service builder tools

The Right Decision Service provides tools to:

  1. Translate guidelines, research evidence, best practice and large datasets into computerised knowledge. This includes:
    • Rules or algorithms – including calculators and scoring tools,  questions and answers that guide users to the correct recommendation
    • Visual pathways with links to supporting evidence and resources
    • Guidelines structured and formatted to highlight critical actions in decision-ready format
    • Shared decision aids for collaborative decisions by patient and professional
  2. Deliver this computerised knowledge through web and mobile apps and integrated with care record systems

Examples of decision support tools delivered so far:



  • Over 100 decision support toolkits in active use, nationally and locally
  • Average of 57,254 engaged sessions annually per app
  • Partnerships with 12 boards, Scottish Care, the ALLIANCE, RCGP, Macmillan, 3 Scottish Govt programmes
  • Many examples of improving consistency and quality of care and improving patient safety:
    • “This is the realisation of a quest for a single portal of information …….a catalyst for smoother and more efficient patient journeys.” Associate Medical Director, NHS Lanarkshire
    • “A game-changing clinical calculator tool.” Consultant, NHS Lothian
    • “A fantastic addition to improve safe prescribing.”  GP, NHS Tayside


To discuss opportunities for your service to benefit from Right Decision Service tools, contact the Programme Director for Knowledge and Decision Support – ann.wales@dhi-scotland.com



The Right Decisions mega-app and website is the Once for Scotland go-to place for quick and easy access to tools to support health and care professionals to make safe decisions "on the go," based on validated evidence. It also supports a growing range of tools to support self-management and shared decision-making by patients, carers and members of the public. 

All resources are produced by and for Scotland’s local and national health and care organisations. 


Governance and ownership

The Right Decisions mega-app is a core component of the Right Decision Service, which is led and managed by the Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre (DHI).  

All content delivered through the Right Decisions app is owned and governed by the internal governance processes of the organisation or programme responsible for that content.

Individual Health Boards (national and territorial) are responsible for the safety of the clinical services they provide directly to patients.  This includes the provision of digital tools and services that are made available to their staff to use in the day to day delivery of clinical care. It is the responsibility of Health Boards to seek and gain assurance that any such device is fit for purpose, is being used as intended and that staff have been appropriately supported in its use. Individual clinicians equally have a professional responsibility for their clinical practice and are required to use their professional judgement in the use of any digital product either for their own use or to be used by a patient.

In order to use the Right Decision Service to deliver content, all NHS Boards are required to have a coordinated strategic approach to delivery, implementation and governance of decision support. Each Board has a Decision Support Lead to coordinate and facilitate this approach.  Services and programmes seeking to deliver content and tools through the Right Decision Service need to have a documented process in place for maintenance, review and updating of their content.


Accessibility and browser compatibility

Link to:  Accessibility statement 

Link to: Browser and device compatibility statement

These statements are provided by Tactuum Ltd, the company which provides the underpinning technology for the Right Decisions platform.



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