Vancomycin in haemodiafiltration (HDF) (Antimicrobial)



  • HHSCP only
  • Secondary Care
  • Adults

Administration of vancomycin to patients receiving haemodiafiltration (HDF) 3 x a week


**Prompt administration within one hour of recognition of sepsis reduces mortality**


  • Initial dose may be prescribed as a one off on an inpatient drug chart if not being given on dialysis eg if dialysis not due at time of initiation.  
  • Any initial doses being given on dialysis and all subsequent doses should be prescribed on HERMES (electronic renal prescribing system) by a member of the renal team. 
  • If an inpatient, an entry should be made on the inpatient drug chart/HEPMA referring to HERMES.  A duration or review date should be documented. 
  • When course complete, ensure vancomycin is STOPPED on both the inpatient chart/HEPMA and HERMES.
Table 1 Loading dose
(first dose: can be given on dialysis or on ward)
Actual body weight Dose Volume to be made up to with 0·9% Sodium chloride Administration time (max rate of 10mg/min)
<40kg 750mg 250mL 75 minutes
40 to 59kg 1000mg 250mL 100 minutes
60 to 90 kg 1500mg 500mL 150 minutes
>90kg 2000mg 500mL 200 minutes


Table 2
Maintenance dose (2nd and 3rd doses given at end of the next two HDF sessions)
Actual bodyweight (dry weight) Dose Volume to be made up to with 0·9% sodium chloride Administration time (max rate of 10mg/min)
<40kg 500mg 100mL 50 minutes
40 to 59kg 750mg 250mL 75 minutes
60 to 90kg 1000mg 250mL 100 minutes
>90kg 1250mg 250mL 125 minutes


Incremental (twice weekly) HDF patients
It has been agreed that incremental (2 x week) patients should receive dialysis three times a week for the duration of their vancomycin course.


Off unit patients receiving low flux dialysis
Loading dose Give loading dose as per table 1
Therapeutic drug monitoring Check a trough level prior to next dialysis session
Subsequent doses Give 1g if vancomycin level <15mg/L (Consultant may specify a level <20mg/L)

Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM)

  • Take a trough level prior to 3rd dose pre-HDF (dialysis must not have started when level taken).
  • Do not delay administration of 3rd dose.
  • Use level to guide administration of 4th dose and subsequent doses.
  • Thereafter, check trough levels every 3rd dose.

*Caution is required in acutely unwell patients and those receiving HDF more than 3 x week. The frequency of monitoring will need increased. Please refer to Renal Consultant/Renal Pharmacist for advice*

Table 3
4th dose and subsequent doses (round to the nearest 250mg)

Trough level* Subsequent dose
<10mg/L Increase dose by 50%
10 to 15mg/L Increase dose by 25%
15 to 20mg/L Continue current dose
20 to 25mg/L Reduce dose by 25%
25 to 30mg/L Omit next dose and reduce subsequent dose by 50%
>30mg/L Stop until level back to 15 to 20

*Use caution when interpreting levels taken prior to first dialysis of the week eg Monday for MWF and Tues for TTS. They may not be representative due to longer interdialytic gap.


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