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Children under 16yrs under the influence of drugs/alcohol (Paediatric Guidelines)



  • Highland HSCP 
  • Secondary Care 
  • Emergency Care Departments 
  • Paediatrics 


Guideline to ensure consistent and safe management of vulnerable young people presenting to emergency care settings under the influence of alcohol/drugs. Ensuring psyhosocial risks are identified and appropriately acted on.

If deliberate self-harm is suspected, please refer to deliberate self-harm self-poisoning guideline



Abbreviation  Meaning 
BM  Boedringer mannheim (medical slang terminology for blood sugar)
DHS  Deliberate self-harm 
GCS  Glasgow coma scale

Last reviewed: 02/08/2023

Next review date: 31/08/2025

Author(s): Thomas Kendrew-Jones, Consultant in General Paediatrics.

Version: V1.1

Author email(s):

Approved By: Awaiting approval of TAM SG of the ATDC

Reviewer name(s): Thomas Kendrew-Jones, Consultant Paediatrician , Beverley Maclennan, Clinical Educator Emergency Department .

Document Id: TAM581

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