Monthly Formulary updates 2023

Drug Amendment Date formulary amended Ratification date
October 2023
Cenobamate tablets SMC2408 Addition 31/10/23 26/10/23

Formulary deletions

Acetic acid spray 2% discontinued August 2019
Aciclovir eye ointment 3% (Zovirax®) discontinued January 2019
Alphosyl shampoo discontinued February 2023
Alprostadil 250 microgram urethral application (MUSE®) discontinued April 2020
Betamethasone 0.1% eye ointment discontinued April 2020
Biphasic Isophane insulin Injection 25% soluble, 75% isophane 100 units/mL 3mL cartridge (Insuman® Comb 25 for ClikSTAR®, Autopen®) and 3mL pre-filled pen (Insuman Comb 25 SoloStar®) discontinued February 2023
Biphasic Isophane insulin Injection 50% soluble, 50% isophane 100 units/mL and 3mL cartridge (Insuman® Comb 50 for ClikSTAR®, Autopen®) discontinued February 2023
Calcium syrup (calcium 2·5mmol or 102mg/5mL) unlicensed discontinued October 2022
Cervarix vaccine suspension for injection 0.5ml pre-filled syringes discontinued June 2021
Ciprofloxacin 3mg/mL, dexamethasone 1mg/mL (Cilodex) ear drops discontinued April 2021
Clozapine oral suspension 50mg/ml Formulary review; use 25mg and 100mg orodisperisble tablets April 2022
Collagenase discontinued December 2020
Cyclo-progynova 2mg tablets discontinued April 2020
Daclatasvir 30mg and 60mg tablets discontinued November 2019
Dasabuvir 250mg tablets discontinued February 2021
Deferiprone 500mg tablets discontinued November 2019
Dermamist 10% spray discontinued October 2022
Desflurane Inhalation vapour 1mL/1mL No longer used February 2022
Dexamethasone soluble tablets 2mg, 4mg, 8mg Formulary review; standard tablets can be dispersed in water December 2021
Diazepam rectal solution tubes 2.5mg/1.25mL  removed due to unavailability December 2021
Dicobalt Edetate 300mg/20mL injection  discontinued - replaced with Sodium nitrite solution for injection May 2020
Dihydrocodeine 10mg/5ml oral solution discontinued February 2021
Diprobase cream and ointment Formulary review; Zeroderma range first line choice February 2021
Dithranol (Dithrocream) 2% cream discontinued April 2021
Dithranol (Dithrocream®) 0.25%, 0.5% and 1% cream discontinued April 2022
Doublebase® Gel replaced with Zerodouble® Emollient Gel January 2019
Engerix B 20microgram/1mL discontinued April 2021
Enzalutamide 40mg capsules discontinued - replaced with enzalutamide tablets April 2020
Epaderm ointment Formulary review, Zeroderma range first line choice February 2021
Estradiol (Vagifem) Vagirux preferred brand for environmental reasons October 2021

Ethinylestradiol and norethisterone (Loestrin) 20 and 30 tablets

discontinued October 2019

Exenatide modified release powder for reconstitution 2mg/pre-filled pen 

discontinued - use prolonged-release suspension for injection 2mg/pre-filled pens October 2022
Flecainide 200mg modified release tablets discontinued April 2020
Fluphenazine decanoate solution for injection (oily) 12∙5mg/0∙5mL, 25mg/1mL, 100mg/1mL


August 2021
Fluticasone propionate/formoterol 125 microgram/5 microgram (Flutiform® K-haler®)


April 2021
Gynest 0.01% estriol

Formulary review, estriol cream of choice: estriol 0.1%

August 2020
Haloperidol 500 microgram capsules discontinued April 2020
Human papillomavirus (type 16, 18) vaccine (absorbed) suspension for injection 0.5ml pre-filled syringes discontinued June 2021
Hydrocortisone 10% rectal foam discontinued April 2020
Hydrocortisone (as acetate) (aqueous suspension) 25mg/1mL injection discontinued April 2022
Ibandronic acid infusion 2mg/2mL and 6mg/6mL no longer used for malignant disease May 2019
Infliximab powder for concentrate for solution for infusion 100mg (Remicade®) Formulary review, Remsima should be used June 2021
Infliximab powder for concentrate for solution for infusion 100mg Formulary review, Inflectra, Remsima and Zessly brands should be used April 2022
Insuman Comb 25 100units/ml suspension for injection 5ml vials discontinued June 2021
Insulin glargine injection 100 units/mL 3mL cartridge (Abasaglar® for Autopen®) and (Lantus for ClikSTAR, Autopen®24) discontinued February 2023
Isophane insulin 100 units/mL 5mL vial (Insuman® Basal) injection discontinued April 2022

Isophane insulin 10mL vial (Insulatard®), removed 3mL cartridge (Insuman® Basal for ClikSTAR, Autopen®), (Humulin I® for Autopen®) and 3mL pre-filled pen (Insuman Basal SoloStar®)

discontinued February 2023
Isoprenalin injection 2mg/2mL unlicensed (hospital use only) Use licensed version April 2022
Macrogol 3350 with potassium chloride, sodium bicarbonate and sodium chloride (Klean-Prep) oral powder 69g/sachet Formulary review, VistaPrep should be used October 2021
Magnesium hydroxide Mixture BP alternative products available December 2020
Mannitol (Viaflex®) discontinued August 2019
Mesalazine 400mg and 800mg (Asacol® brand only)   May 2019
Mesalazine foam enema (Asacol®) discontinued October 2021
Methotrexate subcutaneous all strengths (Zlatal® brand only) Formulary review; Methofill should be used December 2020
Nepafenac 1mg/ml eye drops Replaced by nepafenac 3mg/ml eye drops June 2021
Norethisterone acetate and ethinylestradiol (Loestrin®) discontinued November 2019
Ofatumumab concentrate for solution for infusion 20mg/mL discontinued February 2021
Orlistat capsules No longer recommended by NHS Highland.  See the NHS Highland Adult Healthy Weight pathway. January 2019
Pembrolizumab 50mg powder for infusion discontinued June 2022
Pirfenidone 267mg capsules discontinued - use tablets. June 2022
Prazosin 1mg tablets discontinued April 2022
Prednisolone retention enema 20mg/100mL discontinued August 2019

Prednisolone foam enema 20mg/metered application (as metasulfobenzoate sodium)

Formulary review,  budesonide rectal foam 2mg/dose should be used February 2022
Ranitidine 75mg/5ml oral solution sugar free discontinued June 2021
Ranitidine 150mg and 300mg effervescent tablets discontinued June 2021
Ranitidine 150mg and 300mg tablets discontinued February 2022
Selegeline oral lyophilisate tablet 1.25mg discontinued December 2020
Simeprevir capsules 150mg discontinued February 2021
Sitagliptin 25mg, 50mg and 100mg tablets replaced with alogliptin August 2019
Sodium aurothiomalate 10mg/0∙5ml and 50mg/0∙5ml injection discontinued August 2021
Sodium chloride 4∙5% eye drops discontinued - replaced by sodium chloride 5% preservative free eye drops August 2021
Somatropin (Norditropin Simplexx®) 5mg/1∙5ml, 10mg/1∙5ml and 15mg/1∙5ml solution for injection replaced with Norditropin Flexpro August 2021
Theophylline (Slo-Phyllin®) 60mg, 125mg and 250mg discontinued February 2020
Tolterodine 1mg and 2mg tablets and 4mg modified release replaced with solifenacin April 2020
Triamcinolone acetonide 10mg/1ml suspension for injection ampoules discontinued February 2021
Ulipristal acetate (Esmya) 5mg tablets discontinued April 2021
Varenicline tablets 500 microgram, 1mg, starter pack discontinued October 2022
Viekirax 12.5mg, 50mg and 75mg tablets discontinued February 2021
VitA-POS eye ointment preservative free discontinued - replaced with Hylo Night August 2021
Xerotin® oral spray  not available January 2019