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About us

This digital resource was developed by the NHSGGC Food, Fluid and Nutrition Practice Development Team for Community and Mental Health Services. 

NHSGGC Food, Fluid and Nutrition Practice Development Team:

Joanne Logan - Practice Development Dietitian

Claire Stewart - Practice Development Nurse


About this checklist

This nutrition checklist has to be used by Care at Home Services within NHSGGC and should not be used in place of MUST in other services within NHSGGC

Malnutrition continues to be a pressing issue and crisis, which is still under-recognised and under-screened. The Patients Association Malnutrition Checklist was developed in 2018 to address a gap that existed for self-screening tools that were simple and easy to use. The checklist helps patients and staff working in health and social care to identify the potential risk of undernutrition in adults, aiming to encourage conversations and raise awareness of the potential for undernutrition.

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Last reviewed: 02/12/2023

Next review date: 04/06/2024

Author(s): Joanne logan, Claire Stewart.

Version: Version 2

Author email(s):,

Approved By: Food, Fluid and Nutrition Community Partnership Operational Group

Reviewer name(s): Joanne Logan, Claire Stewart.